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AsourcingElectronics provides high-quality electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and MLCC. We have many capacitors for sale

680UF 50V 13*23mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 0.13usd DIP 
330UF 63V 10*23mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 0.071usd DIP 
330UF 50V 10*20mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 0.06usd DIP   
22UF  35V  5*10mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 0.036usd DIP
220UF 35V 10*18mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 0.059usd DIP 
470uf 400V 50*35mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 1.54usd DIP
560uf 400V 60*30mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 1.65usd DIP
560uf 400V 50*35mm 1000pcs nichicon 2020+ 1.58usd DIP

680UF 50V capacitor nichicon

220uf 35V Capacitor Nichicon

330UF 63V capacitor nichicon

330uf 50V Capacitor Nichicon

22UF 35V capacitor nichicon

22uf 35V Capacitor Nichicon

470UF 400V capacitor nichicon

470uf 400V Capacitor Nichicon

330UF 63V capacitor nichicon

330uf 63V Capacitor Nichicon

560UF 400V capacitor nichicon

560uf 400V Capacitor Nichicon.png

680UF 53V capacitor nichicon

680uf 50V Capacitor Nichicon.png

As a capacitor supplier in China, we can provide high-quality capacitors from AVX, KEMET, Murata, Nichicon, Panasonic, Samsung, TDK, Vishay, Yageo and more leading manufacturers. Send the capacitor RFQ to us now. We are the trusted capacitor supplier in China and we will save your time & cost.

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Our benefits: 

1. Competitive price with shortest lead time. 

2. 400-Days Warranty for all parts. 

3. Free samples and maybe free shipping. 

4. BOM and PCB & SMT service.

5. Sourcing obsolete electronic components.

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