Common problem

Q: Can ordering information such as package information be implemented in asourcing? Can you provide technical support?

Answer: Asourcing does not have its own technical support, and does not provide packaging and other information, so you can refer to the technical data sheet on the official website (datasheet) or asourcing can provide photos for reference when the model is uncertain.


Q: Can you specify some special requirements when placing orders on asourcing?

Answer: When placing an order, the basic information displayed in our order includes model, quantity, manufacturer, batch number, whether environmental protection, purchase price, total amount; if there are special requirements, the information that can be marked is: batch number is absolutely consistent, must be original packaging, must be lead-free products, any other incidental requirements can not be marked. For example, packaging and providing pallets are either coil or tube loading.


Q: Can you cancel or change the order quantity after placing the order on asourcing?

Answer: In asourcing, the order is submitted to the supplier at 4:30 p.m. every day, and then the order is entered into the system by the asourcing business personnel, as long as the system is completed before the order can be changed or cancelled, usually before 5 o'clock; but in the system input, locking data, even if not yet Shipment is also not allowed to modify the order.


Q: Can I return or replace the goods if I make a wrong number in asourcing? If we have to bear the freight required for return, can we apply for a refund?


Only in the following two situations, asourcing can apply for a refund.

1. the goods delivered by asourcing are not in conformity with the order type.

2. there are quality problems in the goods shipped.

So please make sure you confirm the model you need before ordering. Otherwise, we will only be responsible for any problems. You can not apply for a refund even if you bear the freight yourself.


Q: If there is a quality problem in the goods ordered by asourcing or the quantity is insufficient on arrival, how can we solve it?

Answer: Less goods or quality problems generally rarely occur, asourcing will carry out strict QC inspection before the warehouse, if it happens, the customer needs to provide photos, including asourcing label, goods model and physical photos, and then negotiate replenishment or return.


Q: Why are some of your products quoted more expensive than others?

Answer: All our products are authentic, stable supply, regular channels, quality assurance, we provide a value-added service, the purpose is to help domestic customers order reliable products from abroad, and convenient, fast, can provide customers with one-stop solutions. In addition, our quotation also contains tariffs, so it may be higher than the quotations of other domestic traders. If you choose to deliver the goods in Hongkong, the price will be reduced a lot.