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Resistors are passive components that limit current. They usually function as voltage dividers and shunts in circuits. Resistance is represented by the letter R and the unit is ohm Ω. The resistance that cannot be changed is called a fixed resistor, and the resistance that is variable is called a variable resistor.

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Asourcing Electronics provides different types of resistors such as SMD Resistors, Through Hole Resistors, Varistors, Film Resistors, etc. At the same time, we also supply resistors from top manufacturers, such as AVX, Bourns, CTS, Kyocera, Murata, Panasonic, TE Cinnectivity, Vishay, Walsin, Wurth Elektronik, Yageo, etc.

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Types of Resistors in Asourcing - Find Your Need

Resistors come in various shapes, sizes and materials. It has two basic types, linear resistor and non-linear resistor.
Linear resistor is divided into fixed resistor and variable resistor.

A fixed resistor is a resistor with a specific value, it has the following types:

  • Carbon Composition Resistors Supplier
    There are two wires at both ends of the carbon resistor, and different color codes are used to indicate the resistance value.
  • Wire Wound Resistors Supplier
    Wire wound resistors are made of insulated wire through winding resistors.
  • Thin Film Resistors Supplier
    Thin film resistors are covered by a very thin layer of conductive material.
  • Carbon Film Resistors Supplier
    Carbon film resistors are low in cost, stable in performance, and have a wide resistance range. They are also thin film resistors.
  • Metal Film Resistors Supplier
    Metal film resistors have the same structure as carbon film resistors, with small size and good stability. They are also thin-film resistors.
  • Thick Film Resistors Supplier
    The difference between thick film resistors and thin film resistors is the thickness of the film.
  • Metal Oxide Resistors Supplier
    Metal oxide resistors are thin-film resistors, which have a wide resistance range and can be used in high voltages.
  • Cermet Film Resistor Supplier
    The resistance value of the cermet film resistor does not change with temperature.
  • Fusible Resistors Supplier
    The fusible resistor can be used as a fuse.
  • Through Hole Resistors Supplier
    The through hole resistor is a resistor with a through hole in the middle with a long and flexible lead.

Asourcing also provides variable resistors, which have the following types:

  • Potentiometers Supplier
    Potentiometers can be used to adjust the voltage and current in the circuit.
  • Rheostats Supplier
    Rheostat can limit current, protect circuit, adjust voltage
  • Trimmers Resistor Supplier
    The trimmer resistor can change the resistance value by adjusting the screw position.

There are several types of nonlinear resistors:

  • Thermistors (NTC and PTC) Supplier
    Thermistor is very sensitive to temperature, and its resistance will change with temperature.
  • Photo Resistor (LDR) Supplier
    A photoresistor is a resistance whose resistance changes with the intensity of light.
  • Varistor Resistor (VDR) Supplier
    Varistors are resistors used to protect circuits from voltage changes
  • SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors Supplier
    The SMD Resistors has a small volume and strong anti-interference ability.

Popular Resistors Product Supplier

  • HHV-25JT-52-470K - Yageo
    Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole 470 kOhms ±5%
  • 3296W-1-102LF - Bourns Inc.
    Trimmer Potentiometer - Through Hole 1kOhms 0.5W
  • RC1206FR-07470RL - Yageo
    Thick Film Resistors - SMD 470Ohms ±1%
  • RC55Y-100RBI - Vishay
    Through Hole Resistors 100 Ohms ±0.1%
  • MRS25000C2201FCT00 - Vishay
    Metal Film Resistor 2.2Kohms 1%
  • KTR25JZPF1000 -ROHM
    Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1210 100ohm 1%
  • ERJ3GEYJ472V - Panasonic
    Thick Film SMD Chip Resistor, 4.7 kohm, ± 5%, 100 mW, 0603
  • CPF0603B1M0E1 - TE Connectivity
    Thin Film Resistors - SMD CPF 0603 1M0 0.1% 25PPM
  • WR08X1003FTL - Walsin
    Thick Film Resistors - SMD 100K ohms 1% 0805
  • CRGCQ0402F560R - TE Connectivity
    Thick Film Resistors - SMD 560 Ohms ±1%

Popular Resistors - Your Reliable Resistors Supplier

  • 1 Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 2 Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 37 Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 1.2k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 1.5k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 2 k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 4.7k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 6.8k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 7500 Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 11k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 10k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 13k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 15k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 37k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 100k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 300k Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 1m Ohm Resistor Supplier
  • 1.5 m Ohm Resistor Supplier

Popular Resistors Manufacturer-Offer the Best for You

  • AVX Corporation
    Ultra Broadband Resistors, High Value Resistors, Wire Bondable Resistors, High Power Resistors, etc.
  • Bourns Inc.
    Thick Film and Thin Film Chip resistors, Chip Resistor Arrays and Networks, Current Sense Resistors, Pulse Resistant Resistors, Sulfur Resistant Resistors, High Power Resistors, and wire-wound Resistors, etc.
  • CTS Corp.
    Through Hole Resistor, Chip Resistor - Surface Mount, Resistor Networks and Arrays, Current Sense Resistors, etc.
  • Honeywell
    Chassis Mount Resistors, Through Hole Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Variable Resistors, etc.
  • Littelfuse Inc.
    Varistors, Surface Mount Resistor, Multilayer Resistor
  • Kemet
    Chassis Mount Resistors, Resistor Hardware, Wirewound Resistors, Varistors, etc.
  • Johanson
    Chassis Mount Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Thick Film Resistors, Thin Film Resistors, SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors, Through Hole Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, etc
  • Kyocera
    Chip Resistor - Surface Mount, Resistor Networks, Arrays, Thick Film Resistors, etc.
  • Murata
    High Voltage Resistor, Through Hole Resistors, Ceramic Composition Resistors, Thick Film Resistors, etc.
  • NTE Electronics Inc.
    Thermistor, Surface Mount Resistor, Metal Film Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, Carbon Composition Resistor, etc.
  • Panasonic Industrial Components
    High Precision Chip Resistors, Current Sensing Chip Resistors, Small & High Power Chip Resistors, General Purpose Chip Resistors, Resistor Network, etc.
  • ROHM Products
    Current Detection Resistors (Shunt Resistors), High-Reliability Resistors, Standard Chip Resistors, Thick Film Chip Resistors, etc.
  • Ralec
    Metal Film Chip Resistor, Low Resistance Chip Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor, Anti Sulfurated Chip Resistors, Thick Film Array Chip Resistor, Fully Lead-free Chip Resistor
  • TE Connectivity
    Surface Mount Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Thin Film Resistor, Thick Film Resistor, etc.
  • Uniohm
    Carbon Film Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, SMD Thick Film Chip Resistors, NTC Thermistors, Thick Film Chip Resistors, etc.
  • Vishay
    Fixed Resistor, Thin Film Resistor, Thermistors, Varistors, Trimmers, Networks and Arrays, Through Hole Resistor, etc.
  • Walsin
    Carbon Composition Resistor, Current Sense Resistors, Film Resistor, Through Hole Resistors, SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors, Resistor Networks & Arrays, etc.
  • Yageo
    Current Sense Resistors, Film Resistor, Through Hole Resistors, SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Resistor Networks & Arrays, etc.

Why Choose Asourcing as Your Resistor Supplier

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There are many uses for resistors, and they can be found in almost all circuits. For example, in home appliances, ammeters, voltmeters, laboratories, etc., it is used to control current, voltage, protect circuits, and control temperature. Resistors are widely used, so pay attention to the quality of resistors when purchasing resistors, and avoid buying fake and shoddy resistors.

As a supplier of electronic components with many years of experience in procurement and sales, we have an efficient team that cooperates with each other. There are professional quality inspectors in the warehouse to conduct quality inspections on the resistors before shipment, we take photos and archives of the resistors that have been shipped to facilitate later tracking. In addition, We also have a 400-day warranty to deal with unexpected situations that may occur with the resistor you receive.

If you cannot buy the resistor you need on Mouser, Digikey, Arrow and other platforms, please contact us immediately. Because we have our own stocks in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, we can quickly find the hard-to-find, obsolete part for you with years of experience. This can reduce your procurement time and reduce your costs.

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