Privacy policy

1. Protecting user privacy is a fundamental policy of Asourcing. Asourcing guarantees that it will not disclose or provide users' registration data and other non-public content to third parties who are not affiliated with the company, except for the following:

(1) Obtain prior authorization from the customer;

(2) in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;

(3) To safeguard the public interest;

(4) To protect the legal rights of Asourcing and its affiliates.

2. The website may cooperate with a third party to provide interconnected network services to users or to provide services in cooperation with affiliated companies; in this case, Asourcing has the right to assume the same responsibility for protecting the privacy of users as the third party. Provide user registration data, etc. to the third party.

3. Without divulging individual customer privacy data, Asourcing has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database within the lawful scope.

4. Under normal circumstances, users do not have to provide names or other personal information to access the website. However, in order to provide better services, the website may require customers to provide information such as identity, location, payment, credit information, and user opinions, suggestions, etc., for example, to process inquiry, order, contact with you, and provide quotation service.

5. The website collects and uses customer information for the following purpose:

(1) Used by related parties such as website trading and communication to satisfy users' inquiry orders and other services;

(2) Used to maintain contact with customers to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research or certain transactions;

(3) Used for anonymous data analysis (eg click traffic data);

(4) Asourcing is based on other commercial uses under this Agreement.