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Your Best Electronic Components Supplier in China

AsourcingElectronic was established in 2011. As an independent supplier of electronic components, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality IC chips, capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, semiconductors and other electronic components. It is our mission to reduce costs for customers and maximize benefits.

The brands we supply include Xilinx, Altera, ST, NXP, ON, Microchip, TI, Vishay, Atmel, Maxim, Infineon, Yageo, Murata, Samsung, TDK, Panasonic, Nichicon, AVX, Kemet, etc.

Electronic Components From Asourcing Electronic

  • TDK Capacitors Supplier
  • Nichicon Capacitors Supplier
  • Rubycon Capacitors Supplier
  • Altera Electronic Parts ICs Supplier
  • Xilinx Electronic Parts ICs Supplier
  • ST Electronic Parts ICs Supplier
  • ON Semiconductor ICs Supplier
  • TI Electronic Parts ICs Supplier

Why Buy Electronic Components From Asourcing

  • 9+ Years Components Expert - The Best ICs, Cpacitors, Resistors, etc.
  • Best Price via Factory - Bargain goods channel from original factory , dare to compare prices with peers
  • Independent Electronic Distributor - Freeing you from the long delivery period and minimum order quantity of the factory
  • Stock Warehouse - Also Provide Obsolete / Hard to Find / Shortage Components
  • Quality Test-Strictly control the quality of all electronic components to protect your interests
  • 400 Days Warranty - All of our products are traceable and have a warranty period
  • Free Samples - We can provide free samples for quality testing
  • Fast Delivery - DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT Express, etc.

Electronic Components Video From Asourcing Electronic

STM32F765VGT6 Stmicroelectronics IC MCU 32BIT 1MB 216MHz 100LQFP
TPS55340PWPR Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) Switching Regulator
Xilinx Electronic XC5VLX85-1FFG676C Virtex FPGA IC 440 I/O 676FCBGA

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