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Choose ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 and trust Asourcing’s professional services

We recommend the ADUM1201ARZ-RL7 produced by Analog Devices. This industry-leading dual-channel digital isolator can provide excellent performance and safety for your application.

LM358DR2G Your Essential Tool for Electronic Design, Assured by Asourcing's Long-term Stable Supply guarantee

Introduce an integrated circuit that plays a crucial role in many electronic projects - LM358DR2G. What's even more exciting is that Asourcing has a large inventory of LM358DR2G ready for long-term supply, and the price is very competitive.

Application fields of PCF8563T/5,518 real-time clock chip

The PCF8563T/5,518 is a real-time clock (RTC) chip produced by NXP Semiconductors. This type of chip is often used to provide precise time and date information, which is important for electronic devices that require time tracking capabilities.

SN65HVD230DR: Detailed explanation of low-power CAN transceiver chip used in many fields

SN65HVD230DR It is mainly designed for controller area network (CAN) communication and is particularly suitable for application scenarios that require high signal integrity and network reliability.

TL072CDT integrated circuit is widely used in electronic products

The TL072CDT is an integrated circuit that is a low noise, high input impedance dual operational amplifier. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely used in various electronic products.

MCP2551T-I/SN: A key CAN interface component for cross-industry communications

MCP2551T-I/SN is a high-speed CAN (Controller Area Network) transceiver produced by Microchip Technology. This IC is mainly used to implement communication between network nodes and is one of the key components in the CAN network.

Introduction to the diverse applications of LM324DT quad operational amplifier

The LM324DT is a widely used quad operational amplifier that is used in various electronic products and projects due to its low power consumption, wide supply voltage range, and single-supply operation.

Where can ATSAMD21E18A-MU be used?

The ATSAMD21E18A-MU is an ARM Cortex-M0+ core-based microcontroller (MCU) manufactured by Microchip Technology (formerly Atmel). This MCU is ideal for applications requiring low power consumption, high performance and small size.

Performance and application of LAN8720AI-CP-TR-ABC

LAN8720AI-CP-TR-ABC is an Ethernet PHY (physical layer) transceiver chip widely used in embedded systems that require network connectivity.

MCP1416T-E/OT performance and applications

MCP1416T-E/OT is a #MOSFET driver commonly used in various electronic products and systems to improve the performance of MOSFET switches.
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