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What is the difference between SMD and NSMD in PCB pad design?

Proper PCB pad design is critical to effectively soldering components to the board.

How to verify the sample - AD823ARZ?

The AD823ARZ samples purchased from different suppliers are different in kind. How to identify them?

How to Choose Chip Inductors in SMT Chip Processing?

Selection of Chip Inductors and Component Performance Testing in SMT Chip Processing

Six parameters to read the digital multimeter

What is the digital multimeter (DMM) specification?

MSP430——Ultra-low power benchmark in the MCU world

TI's MSP430 family of microprocessors is a benchmark in the low-power MCU world

Two figures: the true difference between axial vs radial leads

The true difference between axial vs radial leads

The big difference between the LED strips!

There are many different types of LED lights, but the two are the most typical:Type 1: LED hard light strip or PCB light stripThese strips are fixed in length and are not easily bent, and generally have pads on the bottom for connecting the wires. ...

3 precautions for replacing the LED driver

3 precautions for replacing the LED driver

Heat management design, you have to know the

The thermal conductivity of different materials is altered, which is related to the structure, density, humidity, temperature, pressureand so on. W / Mk is the unit of thermal conductivity, which means Watt / (m * Kelvin), also known as "K". The compari...

The world's first distributor of new electronic products in October 2018

Mouser released more than 351 new products last month, including: Transceiver , Connector​, On Semiconductor Sensor​
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