Customer must-read

1. How to order goods in Asourcing?

You can first browse the homepage of our website to find out the product model you need, and you can see that the product you are satisfied can be added directly to the shopping cart and then pay the order.


2. Can all of my required component models be purchased only on the website?

At present, all the products that can be found on the Asourcing website can be purchased. If it is in stock, we can basically guarantee the same day delivery; if there is no spot, we can assist you in order. Suppose you need a product that we don't have in the mall, we can even help with the purchase.


3. Why register Asourcing member?

Only registered users can order on the Asourcing homepage and enjoy various discounted price packages and points gifts;

Only registered users can log in to the "Member Center" to manage their personal information using the rich membership features provided by Asourcing;

Only registered users can get our promotional gift or cash coupons.


4. Forgot my password how do?

When you forget your password, please log in to the registration page and click "Forgot Password". The system will automatically send you an email. You can log in to change your password to ensure your interest.


5. Does Asourcing accept a telephone inquiry?

Can. Customers can call the customer service hotline 0755-88606540. We will conduct manual inquiry for you.


6. If there is a quality problem with the goods, how do I return them?

Asourcing only provides original authenticity of transparent channels, 100% guaranteed quality. When customers have doubts about the quality of the products received, please call the customer service hotline 0755-88606540 In the first time. We will quickly contact the supplier and arrange the return and replacement according to the supplier quality problem handling process. For complaints and return requests related to product quality issues, please submit within 15 days of receiving by the goods.


7. What is the specific procedure for order delivery?

After receiving your payment, we will arrange the order for you; after the order is successful, your order status will be modified to "waiting for delivery". After Asourcing receives the goods, it will arrange the delivery for you for the first time, and your order status will be changed to "waiting for goods receipt". In order, to ensure that the products are delivered to you in a timely and accurate manner, please fill in the detailed consignee information and contact information when ordering.


8. Please give me a reason to shop in Asourcing?

1. ISO9001:2008 certified electronic product distributor

2. Provide customers with the most efficient and cost-effective electronic manufacturing solutions

3. Reduce the total cost of component acquisition and achieve higher profitability

4. Short delivery time, difficult to find electronic components

5. Will send a free sample for your evaluation

6. All products sold by the company promise an one-year shelf life 

7.3QC processes provide customers with the professional services:


  • the quotation phase

When we receive the customer's inquiry, we will choose the agent's quotation of the advantage price channel supplier to ensure the low price is controlled by the quality, and at least two or three supplier agent channels will be reported to us. Report to the customer, if there is only one, they will choose not to report, in order to have a choice, in case there is a supplier, there are other options. Confirm us

The quote is real and effective!



  • in the confirmation phase (PO phase)

After the price is reported, if the customer has feedback and is willing to want to release the material, we will confirm the quality, year, delivery and price of the goods with the channel supplier again. If the customer places an order, we will be more cautious to confirm. Ensure that you get the product delivery time in time!



  • delivery phase

Stocking after receiving the customer order. After the goods arrive at the channel supplier. Our company will arrange professional QC personnel to personally inspect the goods. Our QC personnel have more than 5 years of experience in inspection, and inspections including models (labels, packaging, typing, pins) must be strictly in accordance with the original factory standards. If the consumer still has doubts, we can also send the model to the third-party test room of the authority to do a comprehensive appearance function test (X-ray, voltage, virtual soldering) test, providing complete and authoritative test report data. Make sure that you purchase the goods absolutely safe, original!