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On October 19th, Bulgarian customers received 7,000 pieces of electronic components delivered from China via DHL. These electronic components include XTR105UA/2K5 by Texas Instruments, LB1838M-TRM-E by ON Semiconductor, STM8S003F3P6 by  STMicroelectronics, 74HCT574D and BC847B by NXP. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of this batch of components and the components have alleviated the project's demand.


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XTR105UA/2K5Tl 2020+100pcs$2.630$263.00
LB1838M-TRM-EON2014+210pcs $0.435$91.35


XTR105UA/2K5  Tl  2020+  100pcs  $2.630 | Current Transmitter IC Supplier

XTR105UA/2K5 | Current Transmitter IC Supplier.png

▶ Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

▶ Description: IC Current Transmitter 14SOIC

▶ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces

▶ The XTR105 is a monolithic 4-20mA, 2-wire current transmitter with two precision current sources. It provides complete current excitation for platinum RTD temperature sensors and bridges, instrumentation amplifiers, and current output circuitry on a single integrated circuit.


▶ Applications

• Industrial Process Control

• Factory Automation

• Scada Remote Data Acquisition

• Remote Temperature And Pressure Transducers


▶ Features

• Low Unadjusted Error

• Two Precision Current Sources: 800µA Each

• Linearization

• 2- Or 3-Wire Rtd Operation


• Low Output Current Noise: 30napp

• High Psr: 110db Minimum

• High Cmr: 86db Minimum

• Wide Supply Range: 7.5v To 36v

• Dip-14 And So-14 Packages


LB1838M-TRM-E  ON  201 4+  210pcs  $0 . 435 | Motor Drivers lC Supplier

LB1838M-TRM-E | Motor Drivers lC Supplier.png

▶ Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

▶ Description: IC Motor Driver Bipolar 2.5-9v MFP14s

▶ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers


▶ The LB1838M is a low-saturation two-channel bidirectional motor driver IC for use in low-voltage applications. The LB1838M is ideal for use in printers, cameras, and other portable devices.


▶ Functions

• Low voltage operation (2.5 V min)

• Low saturation voltage (upper transistor + lower transistor residual voltage: 0.40V at 400mA)

• Built-in through-current prevention circuit

• Separate logic power supply and motor power supply

• Built-in spark killer diodes

• Built-in thermal shutdown circuit

• Compact package: MFP14S



STM8S003F3P6  ST  2019+  500pcs  $0.225 | Embedded Microcontrollers IC Supplier

STM8S003F3P6 | Embedded Microcontrollers IC Supplier.png

▶ Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

▶ Description: STM8 series Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 16MHz 8KB (8K x 8) FLASH 20-TSSOP

▶ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Embedded - Microcontrollers

▶ Datsheets:

We are selling STM8S003F3P6 at an advantage price, and each piece only costs $0.225, please contact us for more quantity.

STM8S003F3P6 Datasheet Pdf.png

74HCT574D  NXP  2020+  250pcs  $0.145 | Flip Flops IC Supplier

The 74HCT574D is an obsolete electronic part which is not available on Digikey & Mouser. You can get the high-quality 74HCT574D from Asourcing Electronic if you need to buy it. Because we are a trusted obsolete ic supplier in China.

▶ Manufacturer: Nexperia USA Inc.

▶ Description: Flip Flops OCTAL D-TYPE POS EDGE 3-S

▶ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Logic - Flip Flops

▶ Features and benefits:

• Input levels:

  For 74HC574: CMOS level

  For 74HCT574: TTL level

• 3-state non-inverting outputs for bus oriented applications

• 8-bit positive, edge-triggered register

• Common 3-state output enable input

• Complies with JEDEC standard no. 7 A

• Multiple package options

• ESD protection:

  HBM JESD22-A114F exceeds 2 000 V

  MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V

• Specified from -40℃ to +85℃ and from 40℃ to +125℃


BC847B  NXP  2020+  6000pcs  $0.00570 | Bipolar Transistor Supplier

The BC847B is a bipolar transistor that is non-stocked on Mouser and not available on Digikey. As an electronic parts supplier from China, we help you get the BC847B (bipolar transistor - BJT) at the best price. 

▶ Manufacturer: Nexperia USA Inc.

▶ Category: Bipolar Transistors - BJT

▶ Summary of Features

• High current gain

• Low collector-emitter saturation voltage

• Low noise between 30 Hz and 15 kHz

• Complementary types: BC857...-BC860...(PNP)

• Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package

• Qualified according AEC Q1011

• BC847BL3 is not qualified according AEC Q101


▶ Potential Applications

• For AF input stages and driver applications


Electronic components delivered to Bulgaria via DHL.

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