VCNL4020-GS08 shipped to the US from China via ups

3300pcs of VCNL4020-GS08 shipped to the US  from China via ups.

VCNL4020-GS08 shipped to the US

VCNL4020-GS08  3300pcs VISHAY 2016+ 1.68USD





The VCNL4020 is a fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor. Fully integrated means that the infrared emitter is included in the package. It has 16 bit resolution. It includes a signal processing IC and features standard I2C communication interface. It features an interrupt function.



• Proximity sensor for mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, touch phones, PDA, GPS) for touch screen locking, power saving, etc.

• Integrated ambient light function for display/keypad contrast control and dimming of mobile devices

• Proximity / optical switch for consumer, computing and industrial devices and displays

• Dimming control for consumer, computing and industrial displays



• Package type: surface-mount

• Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 4.90 x 2.40 x 0.83

• Integrated modules: infrared emitter (IRED), ambient light sensor (ALS-PD), proximity sensor (PD), and signal conditioning IC

• Interrupt function

• Supply voltage range VDD: 2.5 V to 3.6 V

• Supply voltage range IR anode: 2.5 V to 5 V

• Communication via I2C interface

• I2C bus H-level range: 1.7 V to 5 V

• Floor life: 72 h, MSL 4, according to J-STD-020

• Low stand by current consumption: 1.5 μA

VCNL4020-GS08 by vishay Optical Sensor Ambient  I²C 10-VDFN

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