BCM53322SA0IPBG Delivered to Singapore | Obsolete Electronic Components

BCM53322SA0IPBG          BROADCOM  280pcs   2019+  35usd
MT41K256M16LY-093:N  MICRON        2000pcs 2015+  5.69usd

BCM53322SA0IPBG by Broadcom Switch ICs | Obsolete Components

① Manufacturer: Broadcom

② Description: Switch ICs - Various PORT GE SWITCH 

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BCM53322SA0IPBG by Broadcom Switch ICs

BCM53322SA0IPBG Non-Stocked On Mouser

BCM53322SA0IPBG by Broadcom | Obsolete Components

MT41K256M16LY-093:N by Micron Memory IC | Obsolete Components

① Manufacturer: Micron Technology Inc.

② Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Memory

③ Datasheets: https://bit.ly/2VSybx5

④ Description: SDRAM - DDR3L Memory IC 4Gb (256M x 16) Parallel 1067MHz 20ns 96-FBGA (7.5x13.5)

DDR3L SDRAM (1.35V) is a low voltage version of the DDR3 (1.5V) SDRAM. Refer to DDR3 (1.5V) SDRAM (Die Rev :E) data sheet specifications when running in 1.5V compatible mode.

As an Obsolete electronic components supplier,we have shipped 2000 pieces of MT41K256M16LY-093:N to Singapore. As you can see, MT41K256M16LY-093:N is out Available in Digikey, Mouser and Arrow. Meeting customer needs is the foundation of our existence. If you need to purchase any electronic components that are hard to find, please send the part number and quantity to the mailbox: [email protected] We will confirm for you at the first time.


MT41K256M16LY-093:N Not Available On Mouser / Digikey / Arrow

MT41K256M16LY-093:N by Micron | Obsolete Components

⑤ Features

• VDD = VDDQ = 1.35V (1.283–1.45V)

• Backward compatible to VDD = VDDQ = 1.5V ±0.075V

– Supports DDR3L devices to be backward compatible in 1.5V applications

• Differential bidirectional data strobe

• 8n-bit prefetch architecture

• Differential clock inputs (CK, CK#)

• 8 internal banks

• Nominal and dynamic on-die termination (ODT) for data, strobe, and mask signals

• Programmable CAS (READ) latency (CL)

• Programmable posted CAS additive latency (AL)

• Programmable CAS (WRITE) latency (CWL)

• Fixed burst length (BL) of 8 and burst chop (BC) of 4

(via the mode register set [MRS])

• Selectable BC4 or BL8 on-the-fly (OTF)

• Self refresh mode

• TC of 105°C

– 64ms, 8192-cycle refresh up to 85°C

– 32ms, 8192-cycle refresh at >85°C to 95°C

– 16ms, 8192-cycle refresh at >95°C to 105°C

• Self refresh temperature (SRT)

• Automatic self refresh (ASR)

• Write leveling

• Multipurpose register

• Output driver calibration

MT41K256M16LY-093:N Datasheets

MT41K256M16LY-093:N Datasheets

The switch IC and memory IC have been delivered to Singapore through DHL. The BCM53322SA0IPBG is switch ic from Broadcom, the transaction price is 35 dollars per chip. The MT41K256M16LY-093:N is memory ic from Micron, and the transaction price is 5.69 dollars per chip.

Obsolete components shipped to Singapore through DHL

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