MCU and Transceiver Deliveryed to Germany via DHL.

ATMEGA128A-AU  Microchip  1000pcs  2020+  2.24usd
SN65HVD1040DR  TI               1000pcs  2020+   0.45usd 

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Delivered to Germany via DHL.

8-BIT MCU Deliveryed to Germany | Microchip Supplier.


ATMEGA128A-AU By Microchip 8-BIT MCU

① Manufacturer: Microchip Technology 

② Description: Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 16MHz 128KB (64K x 16) FLASH 64-TQFP (14x14) 

③ The Atmel® ATmega128A is a low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR® enhanced RISC architecture. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the ATmega128A achieves throughputs close to 1MIPS per MHz. This empowers system designer to optimize the device for power consumption versus processing speed.


④ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Embedded - Microcontrollers 

⑤ Datasheets: 


SN65HVD1040DR by TI Low-Power CAN Bus Transceiver With Bus Wakeup

① Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

② Description: IC 1/1 Transceiver Half CANbus 8-SOIC

③ The SN65HVD1040 meets or exceeds the specifications of the ISO 11898 standard for use in applications employing a Controller Area Network (CAN). As a CAN bus transceiver, the SN65HVD1040 device provides differential transmit and receive capability for a CAN controller at signaling rates of up to 1 Mbps(1).


Designed for operation in especially harsh environments, the device features ±12 kV ESD protection on the bus and split pins, cross-wire, overvoltage and loss of ground protection from —27 V to 4() V, overtemperature shutdown, a —12 V to 12 V common-mode range, and will withstanding voltage transients from —200 V to 200 V according to ISO 7637.


④ Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers 

⑤ Datasheets:

⑥ Features

• Improved Drop-in Replacement for the TJA1040

• ±12kV ESD Protection

• Low-Current Standby Mode With Bus Wakeup: 5 μA Typical

• Bus-Fault Protection of —27 V to 40 V

• Rugged Split-Pin Bus Stability

• Dominant Time-Out Function

• Power-Up/Down Glitch-Free Bus Inputs and Outputs

- High Input Impedance With Low vcc

- Monotonic Outputs During Power Cycling

• DeviæNetTM Vendor ID Number 806

⑤ Applications

• CAN Bus Applications

• Battery-Operated Applications

• Hand-Held Diagnostics

• Medical Scanning and Imaging


• Security Systems

• Telecom Base Station Status and Control

• SAE J1939 Standard Data Bus Interface

• NMEA 2000 Standard Data Bus Interface

• ISO 11783 Standard Data Bus Interface

• Industrial Automation

  – DeviceNet Data Buses 

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SN65HVD1040DR Supplier

SN65HVD1040 Block Diagram

SN65HVD1040DR Supplier

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