CDRH105RNP-560NC delivered to Malaysia from Shenzhen via TNT.

CDRH105RNP-560NC has been delivered to Malaysia from Shenzhen via TNT, which is a fixed inductor made by Sumida America Components Inc. If you need to buy the part CDRH105RNP-560NC with high quality, just send the part number and quantity to us. We will check the best price for you in the shortest time.

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CDRH105RNP-560NC SUMIDA 2019+ 604pcs 0.24usd

▶ Categories: Inductors, Coils, Chokes | Fixed Inductors

▶ Manufacturer: Sumida America Components Inc.

▶ Datasheets:

▶ Description: 56µH Shielded Inductor 1.9A 149mOhm Max Nonstandard

• Ferrite drum core construction.

• Magnetically shielded.

• L×W×H:10.5×10.3×5.1mm Max.

• Product weight: 1.8g(Ref.)

• Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1

• RoHS compliance.

• Halogen Free available.

CDRH105RNP-560NC Dimension

CDRH105RNP-560NC Dimension.png

▶ Environmental Data

• Operating temperature range: -40℃~+100℃

(including coil’s self temperature rise)

• Storage temperature range: -40℃~+100℃

• Solder reflow temperature: 260 ℃ peak.

▶ Packaging

• Carrier tape and reel packaging.

• 12.9”diameter reel.

• 500pcs per reel.

▶ Applications

• Ideally used in Notebook PC, LCD TV,DVD, Game machine, STB ,Projector etc as DC-DC converter inductors.

CDRH105RNP-560NC Land pattern and Schematics

CDRH105RNP-560NC Land pattern and Schematics.png

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