LM431CIM3X/NOPB Shunt Voltage Reference Delivered to Singapore

LM431CIM3X/NOPB  TI  2019+  12k  0.11USD  2-3days | Shunt Voltage Reference IC 37V -0.6%, +0.4% SOT-23-3



The LM431 a 3-terminal adjustable shunt regulator with ensured temperature stability over the entire temperature range of operation. The output voltage may be set at any level greater than 2.5 V (VREF) up to 36 V merely by selecting two extemal resistors that act as a voltage divided network. Due to the sharp tumon characteristics this device an excellent replacement for many Zener diode applications.

The LM431 is available in space-saving SOIC-8, SOT-23. and TO-92



• Adjustable Voltage or Current Linear and Switching Power Supplies

• Voltage Monitoring

• Current Source and Sink Circuits

• Circuits Requiring Precision References

• Zener Diode Replacements



• Average Temperature Coefficient 50 ppm/0C

• Temperature Compensated for Operation Over the Full Temperature Range

• Programmable Output Voltage

• Fast Tumon Response

• Low-C)utput Noise

• Low-Dynamic Output Impedance

• Available in Space-Saving SOIC-B, SOT-23, and TO-92 Packages

LM431CIM3X/NOPB | electronic part suppliers

LM431CIM3X/NOPB From ShenZhen to Singapore via DHL | Electronic parts supplier in China.

LM431CIM3X/NOPB | electronic part suppliers

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